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Il Tempio del ricordo

The world’s first Webetery

Zephorum is the world’s first Webetery, the online ecosystem that takes care of digital estate and commemoration. Discover our services.

Memory lives in the hearts of those who remain

On Zephorum, for the first time ever, you have the opportunity to honor your loved ones or be remembered in our Webetery, the world's first digital cemetery.

Zephorum will be the virtual custodian of your life path, the place where the traces of digital lives can continue to live forever. Remember that we don't keep your credentials, but what you believe in: your will.

Digital estate

The ownership and possession of digital information (photos, posts on social media, emails, etc.), the fruit of people's online lives, is a right of heirs. With Zephorum, this information does not remain in the hands of the big tech databases but returns to the rightful owners. Choose how to be remembered, whether publicly or privately, and to whom to leave the management of your digital legacy. Or, as an heir, assert your rights to the digital patrimony that now belongs to you.


The online contents of those who are deceased - photos, texts, videos - will not remain ghost profiles, at risk of becoming the object of identity theft, but will be kept safe. At Zephorum we offer the digital burial of your profiles, respecting your desires. Choose the urn for a private commemoration, or the mausoleum for a public commemoration inside the Webetery


Your online profiles, from emails to social networks, to cloud archives will be gathered in one place, either in the Webetery or saved onto a physical medium (USB, etc.). As in the real world, people can now be remembered online, in one virtual place, privately or publicly commemorated. On Zephorum, the true value are your desires: for us you are not a user, but a human being.